Hi! šŸ‘‹ Iā€™m Abby, a Product Designer based in Sydney.

Iā€™m passionate about using great design to solve problems šŸ“ˆ, help businesses grow šŸš€ and improve the customer experience šŸŒŸ I especially love designing solutions that speak to human experiences and inspire change.

Optimised web experiences for future Health students.
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Think Education, 2021 ā€” Website Migration ā€” Project Lead, UX/UI Design and Page Build
Helping women create her own medical network.
Concept Case Study
hercare, 2020 ā€” iOS Mobile Application ā€” Research, UX/UI Design, Testing
Creating digital connections before your salon visit.
Please contact me for more information, details coming soon!
I Am Hair, 2021 ā€” Website Re-design & Optimisation ā€” Project Lead, UX/UI Design
Automating and growing money in a matter of clicks.
Concept Case Study
PaySave, 2020 ā€” Fintech SaaS Platform ā€” Research, UX/UI Design, Testing
Supporting volunteer teachers and school students.
Counting for Life, 2019 ā€” Not-for-Profit Website ā€” Web Design, HTML/CSS Development


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As a creative working within digital strategy and technology, Iā€™m passionate about using human-centred design principles to create meaningful experiences. I thrive when working with multidisciplinary teams, have an interactive approach to problem solving and am well versed in the end-to-end design process.

I care about sustainability and accessibility in design, and I believe we can future-proof ourselves and the world through technology. Over the years, I've had wonderful experiences working for companies that align with my own principles and values.